Somatic SoULL

School of unusual life learning


Whole Life Education for Holistic Practitioners, Healers, Wisdom-keepers and Creatives
with Jeanne Denney

Welcome.  I am glad you found your way here.  

You are invited to check out the first of several programs I am creating for whole life education, this one designed specifically for body-centered helping professionals. You may be here because you have experienced a personal loss, or feel a lack of confidence when helping others around issues of aging or death. Maybe you are young and know there is just more to the story of life.  You want what is missing.   Maybe aging or illness has caused you to look at your own mortality.  To support deep life passages you need a larger map of life than you have been given, and a space to practice being mortal. You may also long to feel the loving support of community around you, a place to explore tender grief and fear, time to open life’s mystery.  

Somatic SoULL is an offering to this hunger.   This is a place for you to study, grow, find radical ideas and be supported.  It is a place to heal.  

Please take a look and see if this healing is for you.    

- Jeanne

Somatic SoULL (School of Unusual Life Learning)  is a 6-month program about human development that helps you take your life and your practice to a new level of depth and presence.  It teaches how life energy naturally moves and shapes us through every stage of bodily life, including its end. It is about birth, death, all that is between and after, the body, energy, how we grow, change, connect, release, die and love. It also teaches how to stay vital in the work of love and how to become fearless.  

This is a natural language, a wisdom teaching that historically was held by all people living and working in the natural world. In our time we must work to consciously remember this language.  We must deliberately rediscover how to honor ourselves as natural beings. To do so is a radical and powerful act.  

This program will take place in three residential weekends with distance learning and group dialogue between.  

Residential Weekends AT ALISON HOUSE

 Stony Point CENter in NEW YORK:

June 13 - 16, 2019
September 5 - 8, 2019
November 7 - 10, 2019

Please note:  Group is small and space is limited. 
Advanced registration is required.

Who is this program for?  

  • Heart-centered practitioners who enjoy thinking about the mind and body as one, are curious about mortality, energy, and are willing to touch into the unseen.

  • Psychologists, social workers, healthcare workers, clergy, and end of life doulas who have a body-centered orientation or training.

  • Professionals or students in helping, teaching or healing work: somatic therapists, healers, yoga teachers, or bodyworkers, for example.

  • Anyone with an inexplicable stirring within that says "I know I need to be there" is encouraged to apply.

Why do it? 

  • This program will teach you how to be more deeply alive while radically reducing your existential anxiety.

  • Group learning will deeply support your personal growth and professional practice.

  • You will joyfully expand your service into stages of life that may be unfamiliar to you and see greater continuity in life processes.

  • You will deepen your intuition about all stages of life.

  • You will expand your clients ability to find peace within a culture of epidemic existential anxiety.

  • You will learn to become fascinated with aging and even dying rather than arrested by fear and discomfort. You will help others do the same.


Somatic SoULL is focused on developing capacities in students, rather than teaching them tools or techniques. Future courses for practitioners will focus on applying these teachings in practice.  This course is the foundation for that work.  


See if this journey is for you.

Schedule an interview WITH Jeanne at or CALL (845) 598-1727 




Jeanne Denney is a transpersonal and somatic psychotherapist, educator, a hospice worker, healer, and author of The Effects of Compassionate Presence on the Dying.  She works in many venues to help people fearlessly embrace a life which includes aging and dying.  Jeanne has spent years at bedsides, contributed pioneering ideas to somatic psychology, death and grief work, and been deeply involved with creating the Art of Dying projects in New York City.  Her insights on energy and the body through aging, illness, and dying are derived from a wide lens of human experience and deep understanding of our mortal journey. Visit for more information about Jeanne's work.

What students have said: 

"Doing this work with Jeanne Denney and the exploration of my own fear and beliefs is some of the most profound work I have ever encountered. In many ways just the path offers comfort and acceptance in a way I have never experienced before leaving me with more room for the full extent of my grief and my love. Please give yourself this amazing gift."  - A.B.